Take a fresh approach to leadership development.
Release authenticity and leadership impact.

Every organisation has a wealth of untapped leadership potential

The full expression of people’s talents remains untapped because the increasing complexity and pace of organisational life triggers habitual and reactive leadership behaviours.  Running faster is no longer enough for success.

Honing mental capacity is key to releasing leadership potential

The key development challenge, for executives and managers, is to expand their mental and emotional capacity; to see challenges from a larger perspective and to build their emotional resilience to be more consciously agile, creative and collaborative.

Our approach integrates three essential domains of skillful leadership

Our coaching and leadership programmes integrate development across three domains: awareness, leadership and communication, and translate profound shifts in personal insight into specific and practical changes in leadership behaviour.

Our Approach:

Our coaching and leadership programmes integrate development across three domains: Awareness, for deepening presence and self-management, Leadership, for developing key leadership competencies, and Communication, for translating wise intentions into collaborative action.

Our coaching and development programmes draw flexibly on each of these domains, depending on the specific development goals. This integrated approach supports profound shifts in mental and emotional capacity, and enables the translation of intrinsic talents into skillful, emotionally-intelligent leadership.

Benefits of our Approach:

for EXECUTIVES/managers:

  • Increased self-awareness, presence and resilience
  • Sustaining engagement whilst being decisive and driving for results
  • Being less reactive to challenge and finding common ground
  • Listening more effectively and drawing out the creativity of others
  • Developing trusting relationships

for organisations:

  • Increased clarity of purpose and ownership of results
  • Working smarter with less fire-fighting
  • Reduced silo thinking and increased cross-functional collaboration
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Greater engagement and productivity

Popular Programmes:

Further Information


Our services fall into three categories: Leadership Development, Team Development, and Organisation Development.

Leadership Development



Working with individuals, from board directors and executives through to junior managers, to support profound shifts in self-awareness, presence, influence, decision-making, and contribution.


Facilitated 3-way meetings supporting managers to deepen mutual understanding, identify shared intentions, resolve differences, and release shared creativity.


A 6 or 8-week coaching programme, available face-to-face or online, for cultivating and applying presence in relation to key leadership tasks.


Assessing performance and potential through in-depth interview, 360° feedback, and psychometrics, and recommending the steps required to accelerate development.



Provide a sustained development experience across 2-6 months, enabling participants to translate insights into practical shifts in behaviour. Popular programmes include: The Mindful Manager™ and Pivotal Conversations.


Tailored half-day or whole day sessions designed to address a core area of leadership development. Popular masterclasses include: Leading with a Brave Heart™ and Cultivating Resilience.


Brief sessions of 1-2 hours designed to spark interest and engage motivation.  Popular taster sessions include: The Courage to be Still™ and The Purposeful Pause.


A group version of the individual leadership review, providing aggregated feedback, and recommendations for individual and group development.

Team Development


Working with top teams and functional teams, often in tandem with coaching the team leader, to facilitate shared understanding of team goals, roles, processes and relationships, and to engender more skilful communication collaboration, creativity and decision-making.

team review

Assesses team dynamics through observations and reflective feedback processes, so that teams learn to observe their own patterns and how to create conditions for collective performance. Typically includes gathering internal and external feedback about perceptions of the team.

Organisational Development

culture review

Assessing the culture of an organisation through structured interviews and questionnaires, providing insight into the underlying or unspoken assumptions that shape interactions between organisational levels, functions, stakeholders and clients.

process review

Either as a stand-alone review, or as part of a culture review, assessing how implicit meeting and decision-making processes support or limit stated organisational intentions, thereby providing the basis for recommending and developing explicit processes aligned to organisational vision and values.

Some Client Comments:

“They have supported senior leaders to be more effective in leading and influencing at all levels of the organisation."
Sarah Aitken, Head of Distribution, Investment Management.

“The coaching has provided an invaluable space for examining how I lead, and for markedly enhancing my impact.”
Simon Ramage, Director of Group Legal

“I found the session incredibly insightful. One of the best workshops I’ve experienced to date.”
Graham Roberts, Behavioural Change Consultant

“At a time of leadership transition the coaching was acutely insightful as well as practical. ”
Sara Osbourne, Head of Patient Communication Cancer Research UK

“The team has provided valuable insight into our executive and director population, individually and at an aggregated level…”
Elizabeth Sideris, Executive Director, HR

“The session for about 50 of our staff created great interest in how simple awareness practices can strengthen resilience.”
Susan Kennedy, HR, Studiocanal

“In a crowded field of impressive tutors this was truly outstanding. A skilful blend of neuroscience, psychology and practical ideas.”
Paul Heardman, UK Civil Service

“As trusted advisors and coaches to our executive team for a number of years they have unquestionably enabled the team to develop as the business has demanded.”
Heather Davies, former Head of HR

Meet the Team:

Our consultants have at least 15 years experience of consulting and coaching, with extensive experience of working with individuals, groups and teams. We are trained in a wide range of psychometric instruments and development approaches. We are also trained in teaching mindfulness and in the use of biofeedback technology.

Graham Lee
Jane Brendgen
Emma Donaldson-Feilder
Peter Young
Gayle Creasey

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